St George Performing Arts Festival

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The St George Performing Arts Festival is attended by over 20 schools in the St George area. It is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in the performing arts areas.

If your child is part of one of our school choirs, item or concert band which will be performing at the St George Performing Arts Festival this year they will perform at some of the following concert(s) at the The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre Sutherland, 30 Eton St, Sutherland NSW 2232.


Three concerts are held yearly:

  • Acacia concert - 3 Sep 2024
  • Banksia concert - 4 Sep 2024
  • Casuarina concert - 5 Sep 2024


All concerts have two performances:

  • Matinee at 12:15pm
  • Evening performance at 7pm


All tickets are to be purchased online at these prices:

  • Matinee (12:15pm) tickets are $TBC for Adults and $TBC for children
  • Evening (7pm) tickets are $TBC for all tickets.

Please note: No refunds can be given for tickets ordered and paid for online.